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Privateer Press will be exhibiting at GeekGirlCon in Seattle, Washington, this October 10th and 11th!

As we’ve done before, we will be sponsoring a free “Paint & Take” event at the show, featuring Privateer Press miniatures along with Formula P3 paints and brushes. For the first time ever, we will be attending as vendors and exhibitors!

And in honor of our first time exhibiting at GeekGirlCon, we will have two new alternate chibi pins exclusive to the convention circuit, as well as our new Warjack-o-Lantern pin! Get them at our booth on Saturday and Sunday or via our online store from Friday, October 9th, through Monday, October 12th!

So, find us at booth (#200/201) for a chance to demo WARMACHINE and Zombies Keep Out, along with a selection of games, hobby supplies, and these brand-new pins for sale!

Alternate Chibi Eiryss

Alternate Chibi Kaya & Laris



Primecast Episode 23

Episode 23 of the Privateer Press Primecast has arrived! Join co-hosts Simon Berman and Will Shick as they interview fellow staffers at Privateer HQ. Simon interviews Privateer’s new Social Media Coordinator, Valerie Herron, about about her role at HQ. Playtest Coordinator, Jack Coleman joins Primecast for the first time to talk about playtest for WARMACHINE and HORDES as well as Devastation in particular. Doug Seacat returns for his Seacat Speaks segment, with the first installment of a lengthy discussion on magic and spells in the Iron Kingdoms. Finally, WARMACHINE and HORDES Lead Developer, Jason Soles talks to Will about design philosophy, development, and HORDES: Devastation.

Direct Download



Something Awesome This Way Comes!

Do you have pumpkin-carving talents to rival those of Lord Carver?

Can you see the Butcher’s face peering out at you from a ripened gourd? Then this is your time, because Privateer Press is hosting our first-ever Warjack-o-Lantern Contest!

To enter, carve your pumpkin with your best WARMACHINE, HORDES, or Iron Kingdoms-inspired concept, take a couple high-res photos, and send the files (.jpg or .png) of your finished jack-o-lantern to [email protected] with the subject line WARJACK-O-LANTERN!

The first 50 entries will receive a limited-edition Warjack-o-Lantern pin, available for purchase in our online store but free to you for entering early ($6.99 value!). This goes for both domestic and international—we’ve expanded beyond U.S. only as we announced in No Quarter #62. So, now the whole world is encouraged to carve those pumpkins!

All entries (domestic and international) are eligible to win one of three $50 (U.S. currency) shopping sprees in the Privateer Press Online Store, as voted on by the Privateer Press staff!

Limit one entry per person. Submissions must be received by October 26th, 2015. Entries must include name and mailing address.

We’re looking forward to your inspired carvings!


Free Rules Contest

There has never been a better time to start playing WARMACHINE and HORDES! Last week, we put the rules online for free. This week we up the ante.

For the next month, whenever you or a friend buy a WARMACHINE or HORDES Battlegroup or Two-Player Battle Box from your local gaming store, email us your name, address, and a photo of your receipt for a chance to win the contents of an All-in-One Army Bundle*! Your entry also nets your local game store a chance to receive a prize package of Privateer Press product worth over $400 MSRP‡!

That’s not all. Each brick and mortar game store can tweet us their store’s name alongside a photo of you buying your WARMACHINE or HORDES Battlegroup or Two-Player Battle Box for another chance to receive the prize package of Privateer Press product worth over $400 MSRP ∏!

All emails and tweets have to happen on or before September 30th, 2015. Emails should be sent to [email protected] and tweets need to be tweeted at @privateerpress. For full details, check out the legal text below.

Legal Notice
*Limit of one chance per person, multiple entries result in disqualification. US and international entrants are eligible. No purchase necessary, participants may mail a single 3”x5” index card with their name, address, and e-mail address to Privateer Press Attn: Contests 1705 136 Place NE STE 120 Bellevue, WA 98005. Promotion is open to purchases from brick-and-mortar retailers only; online purchases are not eligible. The receipt must be printed and must show the PIP code or SKU code, date of purchase, and store address. Absolutely no handwritten receipts will be accepted. Stores may be contacted to verify purchases. Contestants will be chosen at random from the promotion participants for a chance to enter a trivia contest. Contestants must correctly answer a trivia question in order to receive the contents of an All-in-One Army Bundle. Prizes will be shipped in October 2015. Privateer Press is not responsible for failed or returned deliveries. No exceptions. This is a special limited-time promotion.

‡Limit of one chance per store. Stores will be chosen at random from the eligible receipts received for a chance to enter a trivia contest. Store representative must correctly answer a trivia question in order to receive the prize package. Privateer Press is not responsible for failed or returned deliveries. No exceptions.

∏Limit of one chance per store. Stores will be chosen at random from those posting eligible photos. Store representative must correctly answer a trivia question in order to receive the prize package. Privateer Press is not responsible for failed or returned deliveries. No exceptions.


2015 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster Winners

Every year at Gen Con, Privateer Press holds the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. The prestigious competition draws some of the world’s best miniatures painters, and as always the 2015 competition was filled with beautiful entries. Below is our 2015 P3 Grandmaster winner as well as the Bronze and Silver winners. Check out No Quarter #62 for your first chance to see all the entries, including our Gold winners!

Click on the images to see a larger view. Per P3 Grandmaster judging guidelines, not every category will have Gold, Silver, and Bronze, while some categories will have multiple of each.

P3 2015 Grandmaster Champion

Tom Ales—Ashlynn D’Elyse


Ben Williams

Chris Suhre

Elizabeth Beckley

Jessie Carlile

Mark Rodgers

Zach Lanier

James Craig

Jason Clobeck

JC Scull

Katie Martin

Luke Hedrick

Steve Boatwright


Rich Curtiss

Ben Carver

Drew Drescher

Jason Clobeck

Shoshie Bauer


No winners at this level

Brian Finken


Chris Suhre

Jennifer Wojcik

Sam Lenz

No winners at this level


Chris Suhre

Rich Curtiss


Sam Lenz

No winners at this level


The Rules Are Free!

You heard right: the rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES are now free!

Check out the links and information below for free downloads of the core rules as well as solid discounts on the physical copies of Forces of WARMACHINE and Forces of HORDES books (prices valid through September 3, 2015)!



Forces of WARMACHINE Books

Protectorate of Menoth
Convergence of Cyriss
Retribution of Scyrah

Forces of HORDES Books

Circle Orboros
Legion of Everblight


Creature Feature

A brutal and unforgiving landscape, a caste system that dictates every facet of life, magic that draws on the powers of pain and death—the Skorne Empire is a harsh realm by any measure, testing every being who dwells there.

Outsiders who venture among the skorne also face an additional dimension of peril: the strange and lethal fauna of eastern Immoren. Ultimately, if the environment or the skorne themselves don’t kill you, the creatures will. To the skorne, though, these creatures are valuable resources to exploit, many capable of becoming powerful warbeasts.

The Skorne Empire relies upon a wide array of fearsome beasts in battle, drawn primarily from the wastelands of eastern Immoren. These monstrous creatures are extensively conditioned by the paingivers to forge a spiritual link that skorne warlocks can exploit. This conditioning is the most fundamental difference between warbeasts used by the skorne and those used by their western enemies. In many cases skorne warbeasts are formerly wild animals enslaved to the will of their masters through mortitheurgy, transformed by the expertise of beast handlers into living extensions of the warlock’s will.

Drawing from the various beasts hardy enough to survive in eastern Immoren, the skorne have access to many powerful and deadly subjects for their beast handlers. Parties roam the lands looking for feral herds, then goad the creatures into waiting nets and chains. Once beasts are captured and subdued, skorne paingivers bring them back to be either trained up for service to a warlock or placed into a breeding farm. It is only through an extended regimen of pain and conditioning that such creatures can be made pliable enough to serve as warbeasts.

To prepare a beast for obedience to a skorne warlock, the beast handlers must first alter its body and break its spirit. This is done with a combination of pain infliction, stress induction, and surgical modification, facilitated by potent drugs that keep the creature tractable and aware during the conditioning. The beast handlers’ knowledge of anatomy is instrumental in this conditioning process; the tremendously dangerous beasts of the skorne armies could not be mastered without it. Specialists among the beast handlers direct the modification and training of each species, tailoring the conditioning to the creature’s anatomy, capabilities, and temperament.

Beast handlers often specialize in a particular species, as each type of beast has unique conditioning requirements. Basilisks, for example, receive different modifications and training based on the sex of the creature. Male basilisks, known as drakes, are trained from birth to obey key commands, but they are also fitted with harnesses to ensure compliance even when not under the control of a warlock. Proper breaking of a female basilisk, or krea, may cost skorne lives and a great deal of resources, but the result is a living weapon that can hamstring an unwary foe. Permanently blinded by its handlers, kreas can be goaded into loosing a wave of energy that slows the advance of enemies and can even halt projectiles.

Now, having explored the terrain, adopted a caste, dabbled in mortitheurgy, and learned a bit about eastern beasts, the time has come to truly immerse yourself in the world of the skorne. So grab a copy of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Skorne Empire (along with Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game: Core Rules, if you don’t already have it), conscript a few brave and durable companions, and proceed to fully indulge your taste for adventure!


Pain is Magic

A harsh climate and rigid caste structure clearly shape the way the skorne see the world, but there is another aspect of their culture that sets this people apart: the singular magical tradition of mortitheurgy.

In a society that reveres martial skill and physical sacrifice, the skorne live, fight, and die amid unrelenting brutality. Skorne warriors are known to fight on despite mortal wounds, ignoring pain that should bring them to their knees if not incapacitate them outright. Slaves of the empire work far longer and harder than their bodies should allow, warbeasts shrug off deadly blows, and enemies fall to seemingly inconsequential injuries. All of this is possible through the skorne’s unique form of magic.

The magic practiced among the skorne is known as mortitheurgy. It is the study of the power that dwells within flesh, blood, and spirit as well as the practical application of such knowledge. This arcane art combines anatomical mastery with a deep metaphysical understanding of flesh and blood—the powers they hold in life and release in death. For some, mortitheurgy is a tool of control, granting power over life and death; to others, it is a weapon or a path to enlightenment.

Every skorne possesses the capability of using magic, but only those who dedicate their life to it can rise to places of true power. Unlike other Iron Kingdoms Unleashed characters, it is not only those skorne with the Gifted archetype who can wield magic and cast spells—others can walk a long road of study into the philosophies of mortitheurgy to unlock its powers.

Mortitheurges tap into arcane forces to reduce slaves’ pain and extend their lives so that tasks may be completed before death takes them. Captured warriors experience the full range of mortitheurgy as their spirits are broken and they are taught their new role in skorne society. A warlock incites agony to drive his warbeast to frenzy, at the same time blocking the effects of wounds that would otherwise kill the beast. Skorne warbeasts are unlike almost any others in Immoren.

Farrow and trollkin share a physical link with their warbeasts that enables them to bond and dominate. Others groups either carefully cultivate warbeasts from the natural world or mentally subjugate them through sheer willpower. But the skorne craft their warbeasts by manipulating flesh and inflicting pain. Anatomical modification and anguishing torment are the tools used to force open a conduit through which a warlock can exert his control over these living weapons.

The Skorne Empire’s warbeasts are drawn from the ferocious and powerful creatures native to eastern Immoren, which are then subjected to surgical alterations and painful conditioning by paingivers to unlock their full capabilities and ready their minds to be controlled by a warlock. Through the conduit of pain, the warlock can apply his specialized form of mortitheurgy to drive the warbeast and tap into its latent animus, siphoning off the fury of the beast to empower his spells and bolster his own speed and strength.

Next week, we explore the kinds of creatures the skorne can command and transform.


Shattered Lives

Western Immoren is plagued by ceaseless bloodshed, unspeakable atrocities, and constant strife. All nations and kingdoms are embroiled in armed conflict, enigmatic cults rise from the shadows to terrorize the citizens, and even the skies are filled with horrors. Life grows harder and harsher each day as these conflicts continue to intensify.

Though the strongest may survive, smaller and less resilient communities fall victim to any number of violent calamities raging across the land. Villages are wiped out, rural settlements vanish overnight, and many other residents are exploited by opportunistic villains once their protectors are slain or sent to fight elsewhere. A new apocalypse can be experienced each day in the regions less protected by the mighty Iron Kingdoms.

This season, you travel to lands utterly decimated by war and lacking infrastructure to protect their peoples. Denizens of these regions desperately seek safe haven from fiendish predators. Now is your chance to save—or exploit—those made defenseless by years of violent conflict. Gather your troops, call forth your greatest heroes, and prepare to leap headlong into the fray!

Follow the devastation at privateerevents.com


The Rules for the Undercity are now live!

The rules for The Undercity are now live!

The Undercity rules (pdf 13mb)

Use these to help answer the questions found in our trivia contest hosted by Boardgamegeek.com!