Magic: Casual Play

This is an event for new comers to magic, kitchen table players, or people who just enjoy a light hearted slinging of cards.

$5 will get you entry to the event which includes a pack of the latest set and promo cards.

There is NO difference between someone who goes 3-0 or some who goes 0-3.  So the stakes could NOT be lower.  Instead, come experience Magic in a environment where fun matters more than Wins.

Each week will be a different format.  This can range from:

Pack Wars (1 pack of cards + 3 of each basic land = your deck)
Fun Draft (4 people and 3 store built packs per person, keep everything you draft)
Tribal (Elves, goblins, angels, goats, squirrels…build your deck around what seems fun!)
Open Play (bring your favorite deck and see how it does against others’)
Guild Wars (Build a 2 color deck and represent your favorite guild).
And more!

Come check it out!