Legend of the Five Rings Open & Organized Play

Come out on Friday nights, and represent your clan in the courts of Rokugan!  You are invited to join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfill your duty to your daimyō and the Emperor in a world shaped and changed by a dynamic, player-influenced story.

Friday nights at Red Raccoon Games is the time for Legend of the Five Rings open play, as well as Organized Play events.

For more information on Organized Play events and to connect with our community, check out their Facebook group:

Legend of the Five Rings – League

Month-long league
Entry fee $5 – to be paid to Red Raccoon Games
Thursdays are Reset/league days, Fridays are Open Play days

Patronage cards (handed out for attending): Seppun Ishigawa cards
First time attending league (for the month) – 1x Finger of Jade card

Each week, points will be rewarded, with the highest points (in order) getting to choose a prize. Accumulation over the tournament will also determine Best of Clan and the handing out of additional cards at the end of the league.

Weeks 1-3 – Meditations on the Tao, Metal Fate Tokens
Week 4 – Lion Clan-themed Imperial Favor card, Metal Fate Tokens
Best of clan – clan-specific extended art card

Other prizes may be distributed as TO’s discresion.

Point Accumulation:

1x for each unique opponent you face (max 6 points)
1x for each win (max 2 points per opponent)

Games will only count inside Red Raccoon Games.

To Join:
1. Please pay $5 to Red Raccoon Games at the register
2. Provide your name and contact information (email preferably) to the sales clerk.

To report:
1. Record your name and your opponent’s name, and your Clan that you are playing as.
2. Provide this information to the clerk at RRG. Specifically request your standings get put into the League Play slack channel.

Weekly prize tallys will be calculated on THURSDAYS. League Play will be on Thursday and Friday evenings. Games played at any time during the week count.