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2015 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster Winners

Every year at Gen Con, Privateer Press holds the Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. The prestigious competition draws some of the world’s best miniatures painters, and as always the 2015 competition was filled with beautiful entries. Below is our 2015 P3 Grandmaster winner as well as the Bronze and Silver winners. Check out No Quarter #62 for your first chance to see all the entries, including our Gold winners!

Click on the images to see a larger view. Per P3 Grandmaster judging guidelines, not every category will have Gold, Silver, and Bronze, while some categories will have multiple of each.

P3 2015 Grandmaster Champion

Tom Ales—Ashlynn D’Elyse


Ben Williams

Chris Suhre

Elizabeth Beckley

Jessie Carlile

Mark Rodgers

Zach Lanier

James Craig

Jason Clobeck

JC Scull

Katie Martin

Luke Hedrick

Steve Boatwright


Rich Curtiss

Ben Carver

Drew Drescher

Jason Clobeck

Shoshie Bauer


No winners at this level

Brian Finken


Chris Suhre

Jennifer Wojcik

Sam Lenz

No winners at this level


Chris Suhre

Rich Curtiss


Sam Lenz

No winners at this level