Magic: Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Orders now open!

Oath of the Gatewatch pre-orders are open!
Currently we have our orders for product submitted, but none of our distributors will promise us exact numbers yet, so if you are interested in something limited like a Fat Pack, you better get your pre-orders in soon. Last time we had 68 Fat Packs on release day and were out after 1 hour of being open.  It was the full-art land pack that everyone wanted!
I tried to order more this time, but who knows what will happen. 
Here is what our pricing is going to be this time out for pre-orders:
Cases – $580
Booster Box – $100
Fat Packs – $35
Fat Pack plus Booster Box – $130
Pre-orders must be paid for in advance to get the discounted pricing.  We will keep pre-orders open until Sunday, January 10th, or we run out of expected product, whichever happens first.
Order at the store or call us and we can take a credit card over the phone.