Changes to Magic singles buying & selling policies


Effective immediately, Red Raccoon Games is changing our cost basis for how we price Magic the Gathering singles to (TCG) Mid prices.

Historically, we have used (SCG) as our cost basis.  Over the last year, we have noticed that SCG pricing has moved farther and farther away from the player-driven market pricing.  Red Raccoon Games hopes that by switching to TCG Mid pricing, we can keep our cards better in line with market pricing, and correspondingly keep cards more affordable for Central Illinois players.

An additional benefit for Red Raccoon Games is pricing will allow us to use some of the automated services available inside the new point-of-sale software that we are installing at the store.

We first announced the upcoming changes to our pricing in May when we did a big Magic singles inventory sale to clear out some cards to make our importing process easier.  We hope to have the new point of sale system fully up and running with in the next couple of weeks.

Our Magic Singles Buying policy has been updated on the website, and can be found here:

Birthday Parties at Red Raccoon Games

Did you know that we offer our space to be rented out for birthday parties?  In the words of Ron Weasley, “How brilliant is that?”  The birthday party will have complete access to our store library of games, and if you wish we can have a staff member available to teach games to the kids!

It’s quite a simple process after all.  We rent our downstairs out for private parties.  You can bring a cake or whatever food you wish to have!  (We do prefer that you buy drinks from us.)  If you wish, you could even order cookies or cupcakes from Kelly’s Bakery and Cafe and have them delivered to the store ahead of time.


– We charge $35 per hour for use our our downstairs play area.

– Staff members to teach the games are $15 per hour for up to 12 children.

– We clean everything up after you leave, so you don’t have to worry about it!

If you are interested, please email [email protected] or call us at the store at 309-828-9196.

Talk to you soon!



He slashed prices with a sword Mal, with a sword. How weird is that?

No power in the ‘verse can stop us from making bad Firefly jokes all day long, showing episodes on the TV (stop in between 2 and 4, and we’ll be airing all of the episodes of Season 2!*), and having a sale at Red Raccoon Games!

In honor of Can’t Stop the Serenity Day, we’re having a 20% off sale on all Firefly games and accessories in the store. Plus, just because we’re geeky and fun, we’re adding in an additional 10% off on any board game in the store that is BROWN!

*If you fell for that whole “Season 2” thing, you’re probably cursing my sudden, but inevitable betrayal

Tabletop 101 Spring Schedule

Tabletop 101 has been growing in popularity since we started it last September.  For those of you that don’t know, in Tabletop 101, we take some of our favorite games, both new and old, and teach them to anyone who comes in each Monday night.  We’ve got a kids and adults, and some parent / child groups that have been coming in and everyone is having a great time.

Apr 6th  Tokaido
Apr 13th Dice Masters
Apr 20th Camel Up
Apr 27th Munchkin
May 4th Formula D
May 11th Boss Monster
May 18th geek out
May 25th Impulse
Jun 1st Legendary
Jun 8th Zombie 15′
Jun 15th Munchkin panic
Jun 22nd Mice & Mystics
Jun 29th Unspeakable Words

D(ecember) 20(th)!

Today is December 20th (or D20 for short). In honor of D20, we’re offering you a chance to make a saving throw versus full price. You get one roll… whatever number you roll is the amount you save on the items you have at the counter.

*Ok… We’ve all been there. You attempt to backstab the troll currently attacking your party, only to roll a “1” and burst into a spontaneous round of showtunes. We, unlike your DM, are not heartless. Need a re-roll? Check in at Gryfalia’s on Facebook and get a 2nd chance!

But… be warned! You *must* accept the roll of the 2nd die!

One day only. Make it count!

d20 salev2

Thanksgiving Weekend Sales!

We hope you can join us for games and sales this weekend!

Friday 3pm – 10pm

  • 10% off D&D 5e Dungeon Masters Guide
  • 10% off RPG gaming books or accessories

Saturday 10am – 10pm

  • 20% off in-stock boardgames

Sunday 2pm – 10pm

  • 10% off HeroClix and miniatures games