We want YOU to join the Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild!


What is the Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild?

So often we have folks come in asking, “Do you have any D&D tables going on?” or, “Does anyone play Call of Cthulhu around here?” – many games, but the dilemma is the same: players and GMs looking for roleplaying groups!

We have a great roleplaying community here at Red Raccoon Games, and we want to help it grow! The Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild is a program to promote roleplaying games being played, help players find groups, and give benefits to GMs who participate in the program.


How does it work?

To join, the GM submits an application for the game to be added to the Guild. This application provides us with the information needed to promote the game, as well as verifying if the requested time slot can be guaranteed. As a part of this application, the GM will set a per session table fee using our RPG Tokens. After being approved, the GM (and through them, their group) will enjoy the benefits of the Guild!


What are Red Raccoon RPG Tokens?

Our RPG Tokens are a convenient way for players to help support their GM and the store. Purchasable at the register, RPG Tokens are worth their set purchase value in store credit (similar to a gift card). These are used by our RPG Organized Play groups such as Pathfinder Society and Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League. The Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild extends this system to individual games being played at the store.

Players purchase RPG Tokens, then give the number set by their GM before each session. The GM then redeems these RPG Tokens for their value in store credit. This redemption verifies that the table did meet, and provides the GM with the other benefits of the program.


What are the benefits for participating in the Roleplaying Guild?

Guild GMs gain the following benefits for their table for participating in the Roleplaying Guild:

  1.  “Looking For Group” Signal Boost – The GM’s table will have their first session advertised as an Event on the Red Raccoon Games Facebook page. Additionally, they may give Red Raccoon Games notice of open seats so that inquiring players may be told of game availability.
  2.  Table Space Reservation – Table space will be secured at the same level as store events. (Note: While we make every effort to accommodate all events, this still may be preempted in rare cases by major events which preempt other store events, such as regional tournaments, PPTQs, etc.)
  3.  Mini Loaning Library – GMs may ‘check-out’ miniatures from our stock of individual pre-painted miniatures for use during their sessions. These miniatures must be returned, intact, at the end of the session.
  4.  GM’s Discount – A 10% discount on RPG books and accessories for the GM. This discount is active for 30 days following the game’s most recent session.
  5.  Store Credit – The GM receives store credit for the RPG Tokens they redeem.


As a player, how do I benefit from the program?

The GM benefits listed above are, really, table benefits. Help filling seats, reliable play space, and the ability to borrow minis benefit everyone. Additionally, we all know that the heavier cost burden in an RPG is usually on the GM. Typically, they need to buy more books (adventures, source books, etc.) and often accessories, not to mention the time it takes to get a good game ready. Supporting the GM with a store credit table fee or “tip” from the party helps them with the cost of running a game.


How do I join?

An interested GM just needs to fill out the Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild Application, available on this page or in store, and bring it in. Approval time may vary, so please make sure your contact information is correct.

Guild Application – Fillable Word Document
Guild Application – PDF


What are the responsibilities of a Guild GM?

The following are the responsibilities of a Guild GM to stay in good standing with the program:

  1. A prospective GM wishing to start a Guild Affiliated table must put in a request form with RRG at the register. RRG will review the request and respond with approval or reasons for modification (such as the initially requested time not being available) that are needed for approval.
  2. The GM must ‘check-in’ with RRG staff prior to their session. This log ensures that their benefits continue in proper fashion.
  3. If for any reason the GM will be not be running a session (cancellation, scheduling change, etc.), they must inform RRG as soon as possible.
  4. Miniatures are checked out to the GM. This is logged at the register with an RRG employee. Miniatures must stay within the store and be returned by store close that day. Miniatures that are damaged or lost must be paid for by the GM.
  5. If the GM decides to change the time of their sessions, they must put in a request for a time change. Table RSVP benefits will be pending this approval for time change.

Regulation of Program and Corrective Action

While problems are rare, we must have policies in place in case they should arise in order to protect our employees and customers. The following notices describe how the Roleplaying Guild relates to our general store policies:

  1. Failure to comply with store and program policies will cause the revocation of privileges provided by this program.
  2. Red Raccoon Games is the final arbiter of all decisions regarding participation in this program and corrective action when it becomes necessary. Red Raccoon Games will take all grievances brought to our attention seriously, to ensure a safe, friendly space for our customers and community members.
  3. Corrective action, in accordance with store policies, may include disciplinary action such as suspension of participation in the Roleplaying Guild Program or suspension from the store. In extreme cases, failure to comply with program and store policies may result in a ban from the Roleplaying Guild Program or a store ban.
  4. In accordance with store policies concerning organizers/volunteers, Guild GMs must pass a sex offender registry check and have no history of crimes against children.


We look forward to you roleplaying at Red Raccoon Games!