On May 23rd, Jamie recorded a video that explained our Covid 19 policy governing events to start June 11th.  Here is the full video, with questions & answers below.

What is the new Red Raccoon Games Event Space policy?

There will be a $5 table fee per event for all events that don’t have material components (things you purchase to participate) and for events that don’t have the word free in the title.

Customers will generate coupons to waive table fees.

Every $13 pre-tax spent in the store will generate you a Free Table Fee Coupon.

Coupons are valid for 6 months.

Any purchases made in 2021 will count towards coupons and are already loaded on your account.

How did you settle on this policy?

We realized only about 70% of the customers pay for 100% of the cost of the play space (by purchasing product through Red Raccoon Games) and that’s not fair.

How can I participate in an event?

There are a few ways to “pay” for an event:

  • Pay $5
  • Trade in 1 Free Table Fee Coupon you’ve earned from past purchases
  • Trade in 1 XP chip
  • Purchase $13 of merchandise to generate 1 Free Table Fee Coupon

What events don’t have table fees?

Events that you already paid for won’t have table fees. Think D&D Adventures League or pre-release events. Events with free in the title also won’t require table fees.

How can I redeem my Table Fee Coupon?

You can only redeem your coupon by signing up for an event in store or over the phone. Coupons are not redeemable online at this time.

Can I use a Free Table Fee Coupon for a friend or family member?

Yes! You can use your coupons for others!

Why are our coupons only good for 6 months?

Our system is limited and only allows coupons to be good for 6 months.

Can Free Table Fee Coupons be used on events like DDAL or a MTG pre-release?

No. Table Fee Coupons will only be useable on events with a table fee. Events with a material component (packs for a pre-release) and Adventure’s League will not have table fees and, therefore, will not qualify for using a coupon.

If I spend $12 today and $5 tomorrow will those points add together to earn me a free table coupon?

Yes! Points are cumulative across all transactions.

Are older coupons used first?

Yes! We will use the oldest coupon first.

Will DMs still get store credit for DMing?

Yes! The system for DDAL (D&D Adventure’s League) will not be changed with this new policy. You folks were already paying for table space before it was cool and DMs will continue to reap these benefits.

How do I know how many coupons I have?

The only way to see how many coupons you have at this time is to ask staff.

Who can I talk to if I’m upset with this new policy?

Please talk to Jamie. He is the only one with the power to change this policy.

What are the COVID policies regarding events?

Check out the COVID Policy FAQ here.