On May 23rd, Jamie recorded a video that explained our Covid 19 policy governing events to start June 11th.  Here is the full video, with questions & answers below.

What is the new Red Raccoon Games COVID 19 event policy?

Each event will have a small max capacity.

We will also be requiring proof of vaccination to participate in any events in the store. You must be past your 2 week waiting period after your last shot as well until further notice.

How did you settle on this policy?

We sent out a survey to our customers that we have emails on file for. We received over 900 responses. According to these responses, most of our customers have already received or scheduled their COVID vaccines. We know any policy we make will upset someone but according to our respondents, this is the policy that will make the most amount of people happy and able to participate in events. If you haven’t gotten your vaccination yet, you can be vaccinated in about a month and will be able to play with us next month.

What about kids and other people who CAN NOT be vaccinated?

Unfortunately there is no good way to tell someone who can’t be vaccinated apart from someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated so people who can not be vaccinated will not be allowed to participate in events at this time. Besides the fact that there is no way to tell, vaccines aren’t 100% and so it is also safer for those unvaccinated not to participate.

Will bystanders be allowed?

No. Only people who have registered and paid will be allowed in the play space.

Do I have to bring my vaccination card to every event?

No! Bring it in once and we will make a note on your profile so you don’t have to show us again.

Will there be sign ups for events?

Yes! Click here to sign up for upcoming events.

Who can I talk to if I’m upset with this new policy?

Please talk to Jamie. He is the only one with the power to change this policy.

Any other new policies I should know about?

Yes! Check out our new event policy FAQ here.