Do you buy Magic cards?  Yes, we buy Magic cards!

We get that question a lot, and putting it out on our webpage will hopefully let people also find the answer via Google.  Call them Magic, MTG, or Magic the Gathering – no matter how you phrase it, we are always buying cards.  It’s how we have come to amass one of the largest Magic collections in central Illinois!  We are primarily focused on cards that are playable in Standard, Modern, EDH / Commander, and Pauper, but we do still buy & sell cards for Legacy and Vintage.

What else do you buy? 

Hey, another question that we get a lot.  Right now, we also purchase Pokemon.  Pokemon isbig and growing at Red Raccoon Games, with our Sunday Pokemon Open Play!  I think we have the largest collection of singles for each of these games also!

We are not buying Yu-Gi-Oh!, Force of Will, Cardfight Vanguard, or any other collectible card games right now.

Red Raccoon Games Buy List Policy:


  1. RRG buy and sell prices are currently based on an algorithm derived from multiple pricing sources. We suggest customers use Low pricing as an estimate of expected value, but our actual valuation is not tied to TCG Mid.
    1. All cards will be graded for condition using the TCG Magic Card Grading Scale.
    2. Cards that are damaged will have their prices lowered based on the condition of the card.
    3. Smell is also considered damaging to a card.  Cards that smell heavily of mold or smoke or any other strong odor will have a lower value and/or may not be accepted at all.
    4. With few exceptions, we do not buy cards as “Near Mint”.
  2. For non-bulk, non-foil cards we pay our algorithm’s buylist pricing out in cash, and give a 20% bonus for Store Credit.  If we have a sign saying that we are looking for the card in question, we will also add another 5% bonus to the cash or credit price.  If a card does not have a buylist price listed for it, we will offer 45% of Low Price as a cash price, and 65% as a credit price.
    1. There are occasional exceptions to this policy – for example a brand new set during the first 2 weeks of release.  Prices can change drastically during this period.  We may offer a lower price on the cards of where we think they will end up, or may not accept the cards at all.
    2. We may also offer higher pricing on valuable, sought after cards that we have a low stock on at the store.
  3. There is not much of a market in central Illinois for foil Magic or Pokemon cards.  When we buy foils, we will usually rate the card based on the non-foil price. Foils cards are purchased on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Bulk card pricing.   We all know that there are thousands and thousands of Magic and Pokemon cards, and most of them people are uninterested in playing with except on rare occasions.  We like to have the rare cards, but odds are low that they will sell.  Cards that are part of this sea of chaff are referred to as “bulk”.  We define bulk as any rare or mythic rare valued at less than $2.00, any common or uncommon valued at less than $1.00, or any foil / holo valued at less than $2.00.  Red Raccoon Games pays the following rates for bulk Magic and Pokemon cards:
    1. Bulk mythic / ultra rares:  $.15 each
    2. Bulk rares:  $.06 each
    3. Bulk uncommons:  $.003 each, or $3.00 per thousand**
    4. Bulk mixed uncommons: / commons:  $.002 each, or $2.00 per thousand**
    5. Bulk commons:  $.001 each, or $1.00 per thousand**
    6. ** You can earn a bonus of $1.00 per thousand on commons & uncommons if they are sorted when you get here.  Sorted to us means they are sorted first into set, then into type (common or uncommon) and then into color.  You save us some work, you get paid more!
  5. Red Raccoon Games does not buy cards for the 30 minutes before the start of any tournament.  This is to make sure we get all players registered and the tournaments start on time.
  6. If you are bringing a large number of cards in to trade, we will mostly likely take your name and phone number, and price the cards out when the store is not busy.  Pricing cards can take a long time to do correctly.  We’ll then call you and offer a price – you can accept it or reject it as you choose.  They are your cards until you either accept payment or pick up the cards.
  7. If you have any questions on this policy, please email jamie /~at~/