GenCon or Bust Games Sale!


Yup, boardgames, on sale.  How cool is that?

The great GenCon or Bust Games Sale is here!

What:  All board games in the store are on sale from 5% – 40% off!

When:  Thursday August 10th 6:00pm – Sunday August 13th 6:00pm.

Why:  GenCon is coming!  What does that mean to Red Raccoon Games?  It means a ton of the games that we pre-ordered are going to show up the Thursday that GenCon starts, or in the next couple weeks after.  We need some room to store all of these games, so you get a sale!

Awesome, right?

So what’s on sale?

Board Games

  • All new, in-stock board games are at least 5% off!
  • All HABA kids games 15% off
  • All Board Games that have an official expansion released for it – 10% off.  Buy or special order at least one expansion at the same time and get 15% off both!
  • All Games on our Clearance wall take an extra 10% off the lowest marked price.

Card Games

  • Magic Planeschase Anthology – $79.00
  • Magic Nicol Bolas Archenemy – $39.00
  • Magic – Aether Revolt sealed box – $85.00
  • Magic – Aether Revolt sealed case – $470.00
  • DragonballZ instock products (Panini edition) – 45% off!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! in stock products – 15% off
  • All in-stock card sleeves and deck boxes – 10% off

RPG Games

  • Dungeons & Dragons Hardcovers – 10%
  • Dungeons & Dragons Trinity – Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, & Monster Manual – $125.00
  • Pathfinder Hardcovers – 10%
  • Pathfinder Softcovers – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Star Wars RPG – 15%
  • Doctor Who RPG – 30%
  • RPG Books on SALE shelf – 30%
  • Bones Miniatures – Buy 3 Get 1 Free


At random times all weekend long, RRG staff will be posting select games at up to 75% off!  We’ll post a picture of the game on Facebook with a % off and it will be first come, first served for that game!  Follow us on Facebook at