Eldritch Moon, the newest set from Magic: the Gathering, is almost here!

This weekend, July 16th & 17th, Red Raccoon Games is proud to be hosting some of the best Pre-Release events in Central Illinois!

Each time a new Magic set is released, there are are always Pre-Release events, Release weekend events, and then Magic Game Days.

During Pre-Release events, Red Raccoon Games hosts 6 tournaments over the course of the weekend.  It is the first time players will be interacting with all of the new cards, and will be discovering what they like and don’t like, and which cards work the way they hoped.

Saturday, July 16th Events

12:01 AM (Midnight after FNM) – Sealed

10:00 AM – Sealed

2:00 PM – 2 Headed Giant

6:00 PM – Sealed – 4 Round, Big Prize Event

Sunday, July 17th Events

2:00 PM – Sealed

6:00 PM – 2 Headed Giant

Most pre-release events are what we called Sealed.  Each player gets 6 packs of Eldritch Moon, and will sit down, open them, and then build their best 40 card deck from them (20-23 cards from their packs, plus 17-20 lands we provide).  then we play a 3 or 4 round tournament!

We also do 2 special events, called 2 Headed Giant, where players team up.  They open their packs together, and then each player buildings their bets decks again, but they can share cards between them!  Then we do a team tournament – 2 vs. 2.  It’s a ton of fun, and a different way to play the game.

Countdown to 12:01 Eldritch Moon Pre-Release Event!


Just for fun, we had these awesome Eldritch Moon etched mugs made up for our players!


We had 5 made, and we’re going to give them away 2 different ways.

  1.  Everyone who is pre-registered & paid for Eldritch Moon Pre-Release events by end-of-business on Thursday, July 14th will qualify for a drawing for 1 mug!  (We’ll do 3 drawings.)
  2. Everyone who has pre-ordered & paid for Eldritch Moon booster boxes or cases to be picked up on release day July 22nd will qualify for a drawing for 1 mug! (We’ll do 2 drawings.)