Changes to Magic singles buying & selling policies


Effective immediately, Red Raccoon Games is changing our cost basis for how we price Magic the Gathering singles to (TCG) Mid prices.

Historically, we have used (SCG) as our cost basis.  Over the last year, we have noticed that SCG pricing has moved farther and farther away from the player-driven market pricing.  Red Raccoon Games hopes that by switching to TCG Mid pricing, we can keep our cards better in line with market pricing, and correspondingly keep cards more affordable for Central Illinois players.

An additional benefit for Red Raccoon Games is pricing will allow us to use some of the automated services available inside the new point-of-sale software that we are installing at the store.

We first announced the upcoming changes to our pricing in May when we did a big Magic singles inventory sale to clear out some cards to make our importing process easier.  We hope to have the new point of sale system fully up and running with in the next couple of weeks.

Our Magic Singles Buying policy has been updated on the website, and can be found here: