Red Raccoon Games now accepting Amazon gift cards!

What to do with these gift cards?

It happens every year – the gift card craze.  Secret santas, aunts / uncles, grandma, and even mom & dad.  Sometimes our family members just don’t “get” our fascination with games, which can make getting gifts difficult. So they default to the old gift card.  “Get yourself something nice.”

The worst is when they are to a website.  You can’t go into the store and pick stuff up and look at it.  You can’t talk to the staff at the store and find out if the game is fun, or how it played compared to other games that you and your group enjoys.  And worst of all, you can’t take the game home and play it that night.

We at Red Raccoon Games like to imagine ourselves as problem solvers.  If our customers get gift cards to instead of to Red Raccoon Games, then what can we do?

We can accept try accepting them at the store ourselves!  Starting Monday, Dec. 28th, Red Raccoon Games is going to accept Amazon gift cards!

Here is how the program is going to work:

Bring your new, un-redeemed Amazon gift card in to Red Raccoon  The silver scratch off on the back of the card must NOT be scratched off.

  • We will check the card into the system, and if everything is good, we will give you 100% of the value of the code to use as store credit on anything you wish at Red Raccoon Games!
  • What can you buy?  Anything in stock at the store!  Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, sodas, snacks, tournament entries, etc.  It is good for anything that we do at the store!
  • Please note that under this program, we cannot and will not give any change.  Any unspent dollars from your gift card will be kept on account at Red Raccoon Games for your future use.

What do you think?  Come into the store and give it a try!