The Settlers of Catan?: 20 years of settling, trading and building

January 15th, 2015

At this year’s International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Kosmos and Mayfair Games are proud to announce a new look for the entire line of Catan® games. The new look will strengthen the Catan brand both domestically and internationally. The new cover art utilized by all partners will provide a visual continuity throughout the world.  This new look is more vibrant and alluring with overall improved presentation and splendidly clean branding.  The new packaging cries out… CATAN!

In the 20 years since Klaus Teuber revolutionized game design with the original Settlers of Catan®, a worldwide fandom has developed around the game. The original game, plus its expansions have sold more than 22 million copies and has been translated into 30 languages.

As part of the growing expansion of the Catan® family of products, the base game will simply be called CATAN® in all countries and languages, along with a unification of the game’s graphic design in all territories and languages.

Catan’s creator, Klaus Teuber, said that “By means of this change, we will continue to grow global demand and modernize the Catan family of games.”

Catan will visit India during the 2,700km Rickshaw Run. During this charity event, players will get to play Catan and Mayfair Games, Catan GmbH and Kosmos will teach the game and raise money for charity.

So here’s looking forward to the next 20 years of Catan, in Germany, India and throughout the world!