Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Have you ever wanted to build your own castle?

Rhetorical question, right? What red-blooded American kid hasn’t grown up wishing we had castles dotting the landscape? How can we pretend there’s a Hogwart’s in the continental 48 when we don’t have all those turrets and battlements lining the horizon?

This game gives you a chance to build your own dream castle. And, just as importantly, prevent your friends from building theirs! The game is simple to learn, but has plenty of strategy to keep you coming back for more. And more.

There’s plenty of different ways to maximize your points along the way, but this is one of those games that also has a big surprise ending, so don’t be surprised if you’re winning… only to find out you’re not.

It’s a delightful mix of fun and frustration as you madly scramble to get the pieces you want and need while preventing your friends from doing the same. Since everyone can see what you’re doing (to some extent), there’s also a bit of subterfuge and adopting an “I didn’t care about that piece anyway (you big jerk)” attitude will definitely help your cause.